Meganet-Cape.Com Personal Web Spaces

General Information

Any user or user interested in having a personal web space will be hosted on a server such as this one.

The Web services on this server are for the use of our customers on a self service basis.

Once the space is setup and operating, it is up to the individual user to create and maintain his/her own web space.

Cape Com and Meganet Communications are not responsible for the content of any of the users pages.
Web Sites that are reported as inappropriate, will be reviewed and possibly removed if there is offensive and or illegal material contained on it. Individuals can appeal if they believe that a site has been removed in error.

Technical support for these web spaces from and Meganet Communications is totally optional and available at the current web development rates. There is a 1 hour minimum for all technical support incidents for website related (coding) issues.

This service is for non commercial and/or personal web space. It is NOT intended to service any commercial (for profit) websites, and use as such may result in removal, discontinuance of this service, and will be considered a violation of the terms use. Meganet/ has other offerings on other servers for this purpose, Please contact our sales department to discuss these offerings and options.

Use as a proving ground for prototype development (for commercial and/or personal exploration) is allowed
also allowed is using the site for storage of elements (pictures etc) that may be referred to from a commercial site.

What is and is not available ?

Basic Web Server information

Run on Apache web servers include 40 MB of storage, and data transfer and is able to run PHP5

NOTE when using FTP to access your webspace use ACTIVE mode not passive.

Available Upgrades

There are several options for expansion of the web space, as well as other hosting options.
These are Options available at additional cost.

  • Additional Space allocated in 100Mb chunks
  • MySQL Databases
  • Additional users for your webspace

Please contact our sales department if you have further requirements

Self Help

Personal Tools